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What is a Terms of Service agreement?

A Terms of Service Agreement is a set of regulations which users must agree to follow in order to use a service .
Terms of Use is often named Terms of Service and sometimes Terms and Conditions, as well as Disclaimer , mostly when addressing website usage.
These terms cover a wide array of issues, such as the following examples : copyright notices , marketing policies of the respective company , what is the meaning of acceptable user behavior while online etc.
Based on the Terms of Service agreement companies can decide to restrict or even terminate users' access to their services in case they violate the terms in the contract.
Just from the descriptions above, you should have by now a well shaped idea about why having this type of document set in place for your online business is important.

Why do I need a Terms of Service?

Terms of Service explain things related to and set the legal relationship between the user and the services provided by various companies.
By opting to use the online services you are interested in , you are bound to respect those regulations and in case you won't , you'll be disconnected .
It is vital for you to have this kind of contract set in place to display limitations on what can be done and what can't be done with your content .
Also , use it for setting boundaries on expectations on your users' side , which should be specified up front.
We  generate a quick Terms of Service agreement template for your website.
The output of your agreement is in HTML format.
You simply copy the code and add it on your website.

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